Youth worship on Wednesday nights!

That place was actually dreamed up by a group of students from Life Church that wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of their friends.  They worked hard and raised funds to update the main floor of our student ministries building into what is now known as that place.  If you ever wondered about the name... we had a "name that place" contest and after sorting through all of the corn inspired and just corny names we decided to go with just "that place".  So instead of going to "teen-o-rama" you can now tell everyone you will be at that place.


On Wednesdays we provide a place and atmosphere where students in grades 5-6 and 7-12 can get together with other students who want to learn about life with God.  know HimWe won't teach you how to be religious but we will do our best to introduce you to Jesus Christ.   Our goal is to help students get to know Him and then live lives that would make Him known to others.  The label that you choose to wear when you tell people where you go to church or what you believe doesn't matter so much to us.  We welcome the chance to let you "become the church" instead of just going to church.  We love to see students live out the adventure that God has designed specifically for each of us. 


Some real stretching and growing will take place as you take the opportunity to get involved and discover some of your talents and abilities.  You might be drawn to areas of Administration, Creativity, Teaching, Prayer, Audio, Video, Web, Lighting, Singing, Playing Instruments, Humor, Acting, Study, Leadership, Service, Mercy, Giving, Building Relationships or Traveling on Missions.  Anyone can decide to just float through life and think and do what everyone else seems to be thinking and doing.  You might end up somewhere doing something but why not really discover your purpose for living and then really live?   If you want to know more about real life with God click here.  


inamSome poeple learn more quickly than others that living only for yourself can be pretty empty.  When you begin to understand the love that God has shown us through the life that Jesus lived and gave for us, you will see why all that we have been given is not really to be about us.  


A "typical" Wednesday night:

-the doors open at 6:30 PM (check out the game tables, video games, booths or library)
-the band practices early (if you like their music come early to hear it twice)
-those who ride bus show up around 7 PM.  there is usually a countdown to the official start just after they arrive  
-the student band starts the night with some music to help focus our hearts on God
-Here is where it can vary quite a bit... our pastor teaches from the Bible but might do that by using videos, skits, examples, some insane game, adventure or whatever 
-we pray together 
-there is usually soda and water to drink (this is free for everyone)
-before we finish, we break into smaller age/gender groups to talk about what we heard, ask questions and try to make it a real part of our lives
-sometime during the night we talk about upcoming events or opportunities
-the plan is to be done before 8:15 so the bus riders don't get left behind
-the doors stay open until 9 PM


To find out what happens around here during the rest of the week, click on the Friday or Life Church  links.