Adults and Volunteers:

We have put a lot of thought and planning into providing a safe and positive environment for the teens of this area. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer with us, understand that there is a process that we follow to provide the most protection possible for both the teens and the adults who serve. You have probably heard news reports about people within our region and even our city who have violated the trust given them by parents. We are doing everything within our power to prevent such things from ever happenening here and encourage other youth organizations and ministries to do the same. Our kids deserve nothing less!


We have a great group of adults who have invested the time neccesary to become "approved volunteers".  They are allowed to serve in any of the areas of direct supervision and work directly with the teens at that place.   However, there are areas of service and support that do not require completing the approval process, but are also limited in that they do not allow direct interaction with teens.  Actually a lot of the work that is required to make that place possible does not happen when any of the teens are here.


If you would like to know how to begin the process of becoming an approved volunteer or just would like to find ways to help us maintain and provide that place for teens, please contact us today!



Many of the adults who staff that place have children of their own and understand the limited but positive role our teen center plays in the life of a student.  We have spent years listening to and interacting with teens and their parents.  We have walked beside families that are celebrating a success and those dealing with their children's legal troubles, battles with tobacco, alcohol and drugs, struggles with depression, self-hurting and thoughts of suicide.  If you are ever come to a point where you don't know where to turn or who to ask, feel free to contact us!  We will offer the help or advice that we can or point you in the direction of others who are better qualified to help.


 Please feel free to stop in or contact us!  We actually enjoy seeing parents visit on Wednesdays or check in on a Friday night.


Click here to read the rules that we post and enforce at that place!